Product Development

Product Development

We love solving challenging problems with 3D Print. This is why we strive to guide you through each phase of product development. From furniture design, through architecture mockups, up to complicated prosthetic prototypes - we've got your back. Some of the services we offer: Prototyping, Test production, 3D Scan to 3D Print and custom orders.



Co-creation is how we love to work. Curiosity-driven, we appreciate learning about your passion and exchanging perspectives. Let's talk & brainstorm, let fresh ideas flow and creativity buzz. Tell us about the issues you’re facing and together we will come up with truly innovative solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business.


  • Innovation

    Technology is truly revolutionizing the modern business landscape. Industries evolve at an earlier unknown pace. In order to stay on top of those changes we all need to rethink our approach to problem solving. We believe that it's no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity to innovate, in order to keep up with the game. Let's dare to innovate!

  • Knowledge-sharing

    We enjoy talking about our 3D passion just as much as learning about yours. The greatest satisfaction we derive from the moment we notice the sparkles of enthusiasm in your eyes. This is why we believe that it is important to make knowledge easily accessible. Our mission is to enable learning by experience and to make complicated things sound simple.

  • Consulting

    We are happy to share a Senior level expertise within thermoplastics and 3D print, and have a broad network of specialists in Denmark, thus, we are confident that we have the right tools to live up to your next big challenge. Roman has over 10 years of experience gathered through, inter alia, long cooperation with LEGO Group, famous for their outstanding product quality standards.

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